"Adventurous, smart, and teasing, she's irresistible"
Kolina's Scandanavian heritage shows in her "girl next door" good looks. The guys and girls all want to get to know her better and she's full of surprises. With her big smile, flirty eyes, and petite figure -- what's not to like?
listen to Kolina
Kolina likes to chat it up on Friday and Saturday nights.
"A cute little fireball that is ready to try anything and loves a lot of attention"
Gracie studies business at OSU and indulges her passion for African dance and running to keep her body tight and firm. She loves to talk about the naughty things she does and always wants to try more.
listen to Gracie
Gracie likes to talk late into the night on Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays. She is also available Sunday during the day.
"Tall, dark, and exotic, Olivia is a man magnet"
Olivia transferred to OSU from New Orleans, where she studies pre-med. She has a variety of interests; including computers, motorcycling, traveling, fitness and films.
listen to Olivia
Olivia likes to talk on Friday and Saturday nights -- usually at the witching hour.
"A perky redhead with a captivating smile and lots of naughty secrets"
Donna grew up in a conservative, small town, so she loves the freedom and wild fun she has at OSU. Away from school she enjoys swimming and Tae Bo workout sessions
listen to Donna
Donna likes to talk on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. She is also around Sunday during the day.
"Lovely and leggy, this Southern Belle likes to play all the games."
Lindy doesn't have to throw a party... She IS the party. Her sweet voice and "anything goes" attitude are sure to charm you.
listen to Lindy
Lindy likes to talk naughty on weekend nights -- even Sunday!
"A dark, mysterious beauty that always pleases."
Active and athletic, this curvy girl majors in History at OSU
listen to Jessie
You can ask for her at night or early mornings.
"A friendly and sensual Southern belle"
Julia's sweet accent and open mind are winning her a lot of new friends, plus she's as sexy as she sounds. Julia likes to hang out and get creative with her artist buddies and would like to broaden her educational experience in France.
listen to Julia
Julia likes to talk after she goes out Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
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